Become A Member

If you wish to become a member of EHOS whether it’s on or off stage, then please fill out the form below to receive either a call or an email with more details. Alternatively, you can download a membership form HERE.

We pride ourselves on being an affordable theatre company, which means you can get your membership at just £15 for the year if signing up at the AGM or £25 if you wait to sign up later in the year.

This payment can be made by cash, card or cheque and further details will be available on your membership form.

To become a member you will be required to fill out a membership form and to pay your membership fee – it’s that simple!

You will be presented with a copy of the Society Handbook that gives you an overview of the Society, the rules the govern EHOS and our Code of Conduct.

N.B. By becoming a member you agree to adhere to the Society Rules and Code of Conduct.

You can download a copy of the EHOS code of Conduct by Clicking HERE and a copy of the EHOS Members’ Handbook by Clicking HERE.