How to Join: ONSTAGE

When is the best time to join?

New members are welcome to join at any time, but it is usually during the audition process for a show. Audition details will be posted onto the website and sent in an email mailing list.

As EHOS usually put on two shows a year in March/April and in September, the auditions are a week or two after the previous show has finished.

All you need to do is come along to the audition meetings (usually referred to as the “First Rehearsal” or “Read Through”) and you’re away!

Do I need previous experience?

Absolutely not! We have a wide range of acting experience within the company – from the completely talentless to professional actors! 

Personality is just as important as any acting experience and you should be keen to learn and not take yourself too seriously.

How much does it cost to take part?

Annual subscription is £15 for the year if signing up at the AGM or £25 if you wait to sign up later in the year. It is payable upon joining, and expires in October each year.

All performing members must also pay a production fee for each production in which they appear, whether as a principal or as a member of the chorus. This is usually decided by the show producers and declared at the audition meetings.

The scripts may need to be hired, in which case a deposit will be required, refundable when the script is returned after the show in original condition with all marks fully erased.

We will usually supply main costumes, but you may also need to find or buy some accessories, eg belts, shoes or a shirt. If specalised items are required for a show and we need to hire costumes, we may ask for a deposit that will be refundable at the end of the production providing the costume is returned in the same condition it was provided in. If necessary this will be declared at the audition meetings.

There are no daily or weekly rehearsal fees.

What happens at an audition?

Auditions are held for chorus and principles and you have to be a member before you are able to audition. There will be opportunities to become a member at the audition meetings, as well as on the actual audition days. You perform in front of an audition panel, mainly consisting of the director, committee members, EHOS members or invited guests.

Chorus auditions are usually seen in small groups and consist of a small dance piece and song (if singing is required).

Principle auditions will usually be seen one by one and may consist of a small dance piece, one or two songs and a bit of acting, plus any further audition piece requested by the director.

You will be informed of what is expected for your audition at the meetings – they are likely to be pieces from the actual show you are auditioning for.

Will I be able to audition for the main parts?

All members are entitled to audition for ANY role, and assistance will be available within the pre-audition rehearsals.

Become a Member

To become a member you will be required to fill out a membership form and to pay your membership fee – it’s that simple!

You will be presented with a copy of the Society Handbook that gives you an overview of the Society, the rules the govern EHOS and our Code of Conduct.

You can download a copy of the EHOS code of Conduct by Clicking HERE.

You can download a copy of the EHOS Members’ Handbook by Clicking HERE.

Please CLICK HERE to fill out a membership request form.