How to Join: BACKSTAGE

An amazing amount of work goes into creating an EHOS show. While the performers are demonstrating their abilities on the stage, there are many others without whom the show wouldn’t even take place.

Fancy being an all important cog in the EHOS machine? We have a number of sub-committees that help to organise and co-ordinate vital elements of our shows and the Society. Have a look below and see if any of these vital roles catch your eye… then contact us for more information!

For a look at the current sub-committees please click HERE

Come and help us dress the cast. The Society has a large store of costumes which are added to regularly. By assisting our Wardrobe Supervisor you can either make new costumes or adapt existing costumes.

The show cannot go on without the stage crew, moving scenery, and generally being the key element to the show’s smooth operation.

Do you enjoy messing about with a hammer and nails or are you a dab hand with the paint brush? If yes, our backstage team needs you!

The Society is lucky to have storage facilities in Cheshunt in which we are able to build complete sets for some of our shows before moving them to the theatre.

Are you sociable? Then join our friendly front of house team who greet the audience, direct them to their seats and sell them their programmes.

Good on the phone and time to spare… our publicity team needs you. Commit to just one show a year for a couple of months – it could make all the difference.

Ah, the smell of greasepaint! The company needs to look good, so if you’ve an eye for eyeliner or are fab with foundation, join the gang.

A show is the Director’s opportunity to make their vision of a story come to life through coaching, explaining and of course, directing the cast in what to do!

We are always on the look out for talented Directors for our productions. If you would like to find out more information or to apply to Direct for EHOS, then please click HERE.

A second set of eyes can sometimes be the savior of a production. The Assistant Director helps the Director in many duties, as well as being an organisational whiz.

With so many musical numbers to position people through, the Choreographer is very important! They position people, teach dance routines, and add to the general aesthetic direction through a show.