A Slice of Saturday Night


It’s Saturday night at the provincial “Club A-Go-Go” and the blokes and birds are on the pull.

The girls, chalk-faced and pale lipped are desperate to look like Twiggy, Sandy Shaw or Dusty Springfield, the lads, would-be Beatles.

However, beneath the girls’ skimpy Mary Quant copied dresses beat virginal Barbara Cartland hearts, while inside the lads’ hipster trousers lurk the impulses which have driven adolescents to distraction since the dawn of time.

Watched over by ageing rocker Eric (Rubber-legs) De Vere, the club’s seen-it-all, done-it-all owner, we follow them as they wend their way through teenage sexual mores as rigid and predictable as any New Guinea tribesman’s initiation rights.


Friday 29th February and Saturday 1st March